Looking for Cast & Crew

We are starting to film some of our original sketches soon, but we need help. Not that kind of help! Besides… the nurses are keeping our meds up quite nicely.

No… we need help with filming the sketches. We are after some amazing cast and crew.

We are filming a sky-divers sketch and a parody of a tampon commercial.

For the Sky Divers sketch we need people who are physically fit. Don’t worry, you won’t be leaving the ground.

This sketch will be filmed in September.

For the Tampon sketch we need women who are comfortable to appear on screen in a bikini.

This sketch will be filmed in October.

Auditions for both are in early August. Contact us through our Facebook page here if you would like to audition or be part of the crew and for more info.

Please only apply if you are in the Auckland area, thank you.

P.S. We have no budget sorry, so we can’t pay you. Although you can pay us if you like?

Focus on Video

For the time being we are putting a hold on our Loopy Toons and Thoughts and focussing on bringing you more video content.

We are not stopping them forever, we just need time to create the video content as it takes a lot longer and there are only two of us. The toons and thoughts will resume once we have made a dent in our video productions.

The video jokes will continue every Tuesday and we are hoping to start filming our videos next month.

We will keep you up to date.