kerrin revellKerrin ‘Keggs’ Revell

Founder/Producer/Director/Writer/Performer/Part-time Zucchini

Kerrin was born a baby, but that was just a phase which he soon grew out of. The transition from baby to man-child-type-thing has been full of laughter and intrigue… well mainly laughter. Some highlights include being a children’s entertainer, defying gravity, riding around New Zealand on horseback and making the perfect pizza and then destroying it – just because he could.  He formed Loopy Entertainment to do just that; provide loopy entertainment to the masses.

genevieve revellGenevieve ‘Safety’ Revell

Producer/Cameraman (once the operation is complete)/Artist/Writer/Sidekick

Genevieve is married to Kerrin, but sssssshhh, don’t tell him. She has a warped view of the world, possibly due to her many concussions. She is an expert on bat-echo-location, flipping pancakes and sausage farming. Genevieve’s motto is ‘don’t have mottos, they’re stupid’. She also thinks that eating a pickle a day will keep the doctor away. Her greatest talent is cattle mustering on horseback, which she hopes to try one day.

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